Betfair Review

betfair reviewBetfair is a must have betting account for Sports and Racing punters as you can either back your fancy to win an event or lay it to lose. What’s more, Betfair allows you to trade your bets, much like the stock market, to ‘guarantee’ a profit no matter who wins.

Betfair offer Fixed Priced odds on a huge range of sports and racing betting markets, including entertainment and novelty events, plus you can also place bets on the run on your mobile phone with Betfair’s free mobile application.

Betfair Odds = BIGGER WINS!

Now when you add the fact that Betfair prices pay much better odds on average than the Australian TAB, then it’s a no brainer that all Sports and Racing punters should have a Betfair account for betting online.

Sign up at Betfair for free here today and see for yourself.

Opening a new Betfair account is quick and easy to do. Start getting the best odds for your bet right now!

How to open Betfair Account

  1. Join Betfair here to register a new account for free
  2. Deposit initial funds and place bets from your new Betfair account.
  3. Enjoy much better odds than the TAB for sports and racing events.

Smart punters bet on the Betfair Exchange to ensure the best odds for their bet!

Overall Rating JOIN NOW


Better than TAB

  • Better odds than the Australian TAB
  • Back to win at the price you choose
  • Lay to lose at the price you choose
  • Trade to make a profit no matter who wins

Betting at Betfair

At Betfair you place bets against fellow punters around the world and a small commission is paid on any winning bets.

No more putting your money into a big TAB pool and accepting the worst of the odds, as Betfair allows you to place a bet at the exact price you want.

  • Place bets on the run with free Betfair Mobile application
  • Get better odds on average then the Australian TAB
  • Bet ‘Live In Play’ on sports and racing events around the world

If you don’t have an account at Betfair then you are missing out on the best odds.

Take Betfair for a free test drive today and see just how much better their odds are compared to the TAB.