India favourites at home in Test Series against Australia

February 22, 2017

dave warnerThe First Test between India and Australia will take place between 23rd – 27th February 2017 at Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune, in India.

Online bookmaker Sportsbet has received all kinds of weird and wonderful bets on the Australia vs India Test Series, including seven $10 bets on Australia to do the unthinkable and win the series 4-0 on Indian soil at odds of $101.

Twelve punters backed a whitewash while seventeen have taken the Aussies 3-0 which is also a $101 chance.

One customer has taken Australia to win the series straight out at $11, placing a $500 bet.

And how about the twenty bets on all four tests to be drawn at odds of $276! The biggest wager being $25.

The money is running three to one in favour of $1.67 favourites India ahead of Thursday’s First Test including bets of $5,000, $4,000 and $3,000.

“All of the big bets on the First Test are on India, but punters are having a bit of fun by backing the Aussies 3-nil and even 4-nil,” said Sportsbet’s Christian Jantzen.

“We’d be more than happy to pay those bets as winners.”

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India vs Australia Test Series Odds

The following odds are available right now at Sportsbet and head over to the website for all available AIndia vs Australia betting markets.

India vs Australia First Test Odds

$1.67 India
$3.90 Draw
$5.00 Australia

India vs Australia Series Winner Odds

$1.11 India
$9.00 Draw
$11.00 Australia

India vs Australia Series Score Odds

$3.25 India 4-0
$3.25 India 3-0
$4.33 India 3-1
$6.00 India 2-1
$13.00 India 2-0
$67.00 India 1-0
$15.00 Draw 2-2
$21.00 Draw 1-1
$276 Draw 0-0
$101 Australia 1-0
$81.00 Australia 2-0
$13.00 Australia 2-1
$41.00 Australia 3-1
$101 Australia 3-0
$101 Australia 4-0

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