Euro 2016 Fixtures and Odds

June 8, 2016

euro-2016A total of 24 football nations will contest the 2016 European Championships, or Euro 2016, which kicks off on Friday 10th June 2016 in Paris, France.

Online bookmaker Luxbet expects the winner to come from one of three teams, two-time winner France, the ruling $4.00 favourite, and three-time winners Germany and Spain, at $5.25 and $6.00 respectively.

Next in betting is England $9.00, from Belgium $11.00, Italy $17.00 and Portugal $17.00.

Euro 2016 Winner Odds

$4.00 France, $5.25 Germany, $6.00 Spain, $9.00 England, $11.00 Belgium, $17.00 Italy, $17.00 Portugal, $26.00 Croatia, $41.00 Austria, $41.00 Poland, $51.00 Switzerland, $67.00 Russia, $67.00 Wales, $81.00 Iceland, $81.00 Turkey, $101.00 Czech Republic, $101.00 Sweden, $101.00 Ukraine, $126.00 Ireland, $126.00 Slovakia, $176.00 Romania, $251.00 Hungary, $351.00 Northern Ireland, $401.00 Albania

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Recent Euro Championship results

2012 Spain 4-0 Italy
2008 Spain 1-0 Germany
2004 Greece 1-0 Portugal
2000 France 2-1 Italy
1996 Germany 2-1 Czech Republic

Euro 2016 Championships

Six groups of four teams will contest the group stages from Friday 10th June through until Wednesday 22nd June 2016 with the top team from each group and the four best third-ranked sides, a total of 16 teams, going through to the Last 16 knockout stages.

The Last 16 round of matches will be played from Saturday 25th June until Monday 27th June 2016 before the four Qualifying-final matches are held over four days from Thursday 30th June to Sunday 3rd July 2016.

The two Euro 2016 Semi Final matches will be played on Wednesday 6th July and Thursday 7th July before the Euro 2016 Final takes place on Sunday 10th July 2016 at Stade de France in Paris.

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The Euro 2016 group stage odds can be found below, along with the Euro 2016 fixtures and draw.

Euro 2016 Group Odds

Group A: France $1.35, Romania $11.00, Albania $26, Switzerland $4.50
Group B: England $1.80, Russia $4.00, Wales $4.80, Slovakia $10
Group C: Germany $1.35, Ukraine $8.00, Poland $5.00, Northern Ireland $26
Group D: Spain $1.55, Czech Republic $10, Turkey $10, Croatia $4.00
Group E: Belgium $2.05, Italy $2.70, Republic of Ireland $11, Sweden $7.00
Group F: Portugal $1.80, Iceland $6.50, Austria $3.00, Hungary $12.00

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Euro 2016 fixtures and draw

Euro 2016 Group Stages Fixtures

Friday 10th June 2016
Group A – France vs Romania – Stade de France, Paris

Saturday 11th June 2016
Group A – Albania vs Switzerland – Stade Bollaert-Delelis, Lens
Group B – Wales vs Slovakia – Stade de Bordeaux
Group B – England vs Russia – Stade velodrome, Marseille

Sunday 12th June 2016
Group D – Turkey vs Croatia – Parc des Princes, Paris
Group C – Poland vs Northern Ireland – Stade de Nice
Group C – Germany vs Ukraine – Stade Pierre Mauroy – Lille

Monday 13th June 2016
Group D Spain vs Czech Republic – Stadium de Toulouse
Group E Republic of Ireland vs Sweden – Stade de France, Paris
Group E Belgium vs Italy – Stade de Lyon

Tuesday 14th June 2016
Group F Austria vs Hungary – Stade de Bordeaux
Group F Portugal vs Iceland – Stade Geoffroy Guichard, St Etienne

Wednesday 15th June 2016
Group B Russia vs Slovakia – Stade Pierre Mauroy, Lille
Group A Romania vs Switzerland – Parc des Princes, Paris
Group A France vs Albania – Stade Velodrome, Marseille

Thursday 16th June 2016
Group B England vs Wales – Stade Bollaert-Delelis, Lens
Group C Ukraine vs Northern Ireland – Stade de Lyon
Group C Germany vs Poland – Stade de France, Paris

Friday 17th June 2016
Group E Italy vs Sweden – Stadium de Toulouse
Group D Czech Republic vs Croatia – Stade Geoffroy Guichard, St Etienne
Group D Spain vs Turkey – Stade de Nice

Saturday 18th June 2016
Group E Belgium vs Republic of Ireland – Stade de Bordeaux
Group F Iceland vs Hungary – Stade Velodrome, Marseille
Group F Portugal vs Austria – Parc des Princes, Paris

Sunday 19th June 2016
Group A Romania vs Albania – Stade de Lyon
Group A Switzerland vs France – Stade Pierre Mauroy, Lille

Monday 20th June 2016
Group B Russia vs Wales – Stadium de Toulouse
Group B Slovakia vs England – Stade Geoffroy Guichard

Tuesday 21st June 2016
Group C Ukraine vs Poland – Stade Velodrome
Group C Northern Ireland vs Germany – Parc des Princes
Group D Czech Republic vs Turkey – Stade Bollaert-Delelis
Group D Croatia vs Spain – Stade de Bordeaux

Wednesday 22nd June 2016
Group F Iceland vs Austria – Stade de France
Group F Hungary vs Portugal – Stade de Lyon
Group E Italy vs Republic of Ireland – Stade Pierre Mauroy
Group E Sweden vs Belgium – Stade de Nice

Euro 2016 Knockout Stage fixtures

Saturday 25th June 2016
Last 16 Runner-up Group A vs Runner-up Group C – Stade Geoffroy Guichard, St Etienne
Last 16 Winner Group B vs Third place in Group A/C/D – Parc des Princes Paris
Last 16 Winner Group D vs Third place in Group B/E/F – Stade Bollaert-Delelis, Lens

Sunday 26th June 2016
Last 16 Winner Group A vs Third place in Group C/D/E – Stade de Lyon
Last 16 Winner Group C vs Third place in Group A/B/F – Stade Pierre Mauroy, Lille
Last 16 Winner Group F vs Runner-up Group E – Stadium de Toulouse

Monday 27th June 2016
Last 16 Winner Group E vs Runner-up Group D – Stade de France, Paris
Last 16 Runner-up Group B vs Runner-up Group F – Stade de Nice

Euro 2016 Quarter Final fixtures

Thursday 30th June 2016
Quarter Final 1 – Stade Velodrome, Marseille

Friday 1st July 2016
Quarter Final 2 – Stade Pierre Mauroy, Lille

Saturday 2nd July 2016
Quarter Final 3 – Stade de Bordeaux

Sunday 3rd July 2016
Quarter Final 4 – Stade de France, Paris

Euro 2016 Semi Final Dates

Wednesday 6th July 2016
Winner Quarter-final 1 vs Winner Quarter-final 2 – Stade de Lyon

Thursday 7th July 2016
Winner Quarter-final 3 vs Winner Quarter-final 4 – Stade Velodrome, Marseille

Euro 2016 Final Date

Sunday 10th July 2016
Winner Semi-final 1 vs Winner Semi-final 2 – Stade de France, Paris

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