Pauline Hanson odds slashed to win Senate seat

May 25, 2016

pauline-hansonOnline bookmaker Sportsbet has slashed the odds on Pauline Hanson being elected to the Senate from $2.50 into $1.60.

Defeat appears unlikely as that price drifts from $1.50 out to $2.20.

Pauline Hanson is being tipped for the first time by Sportsbet to win a seat in the Senate.

The extremist has seen her odds cut today from $2.50 into $1.60 favourite, not securing a spot drifting from $1.50 out to $2.20.

Punters however are supporting that she will fail in her bid, 71% of money wagered to date predicting that outcome.

“Pauline makes Donald Trump look like the Pope. Unfortunately it’s looking more and more likely she will secure a seat in the Senate,” said’s Will Byrne.

Will Pauline Hanson win a senate seat?
$1.60 Yes
$2.20 No

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Odds subject to change.

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