Labor odds slashed to win NT General Election

May 25, 2016

election-turnbullA budget mess has resulted in online bookie Sportsbet slashing the odds on Labor winning the NT General Election from $1.45 into $1.33.

Adam Giles’ party drift from $2.75 out to $3.00 to be re-elected, while the odds of a surplus being delivered anytime soon are most unlikely.

The Country Liberals adding an additional two years onto their surplus prediction has seen their chances of winning the general election in August go into the negative.

Sportsbet has pushed the government from $2.75 out to $3.00 to be re-elected while Labor have come in from $1.45 to $1.33.

Sportsbet is also taking bets on when a surplus will be delivered with the government’s prediction of 2017/18 at odds of $6.00 – 2019/20 or later the $1.40 favourite.

“This surplus shambles could be the knockout blow for the Country Liberals chances of winning the general election in August,” said Sportsbet’s Will Byrne.

Party of next Chief Minister
$1.33 Labor
$3.00 Country Liberal

When will a surplus be delivered?
$101 2016/17
$6.00 2017/18
$3.00 2018/19
$1.40 2019/20 or later

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Odds subject to change.

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