Punters at odds with Bookie over Federal Election date

February 22, 2016

election-turnbullSportsbet punters can’t reach an agreement with the popular online bookie over this year’s Federal election date.

With Sportsbet reporting that April has attracted the most money at odds of $11, the betting sees September as the $2.75 favourite.

With the Coalition going backwards in the latest polls, an early July election has drifted from $5.00 out to $6.00 with October coming in to $3.75, firming from $4.00.

Labor winning the election has also come in slightly from $6.00 to $5.50 while the Coalition drift from $1.10 out to $1.14.

“77% of total wagers is currently on the Coalition winning the election so the recent 50/50 polling isn’t reflected in the punter sentiment or the betting odds for that matter,” said Sportsbet’s Will Byrne.

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Month of Federal Election
$101 March 2016
$11 April 2016
$26 May 2016
$12 June 2016
$6.00 July 2016 (out from $5.00)
$3.00 August 2016 (in from $4.00)
$2.75 September 2016
$3.75 October 2016 (in from $4.00)
$11 November 2016
$34 December 2016
$51 January 2017

Sworn in Government
$1.14 Coalition (out from $1.10)
$5.50 Labor (in from $6.00)

Odds subject to change – Visit Sportsbet for the latest Election odds

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