Horse Racing Shares

screen-horse-racing-sharesIf you’re looking to get involved in racing your own horse with family & friends then we highly recommend Horse Racing Shares to get you on your way.

There’s not many better thrills than cheering home your very own winner at the racetrack and Horse Racing Shares race horses with the very popular Darren & Liz Dance at Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock (ATB), enjoying plenty of success over the years.

ATB syndicate racehorses in Australia and internationally at a very affordable price and there’s never been a better time to get involved in racehorse ownership than right now.

Owning a racehorse on your own can be very expensive, but with racehorse syndication you can split the costs with a group of like minded owners and experience the highs and lows of racing together, at a price you can all afford.

The purchase of racehorse shares is generally done in 5% and 10% shares, but ATB will let you get smaller shares if required to suit your budget.

Owners can also take advantage of the various racehorse owner schemes in each state to get more value for money, while the Magic Millions series also rewards owners who buy through the Magic Millions sales.

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